Indications for the use of Bliss©

Bliss© was first developed and tested for hematology and oncology applications, to improve care by alleviating patient distress during invasive and painful procedures. In particular, the first clinical study dedicated to Bliss© evaluated its efficacy during osteo-medullary biopsies in haematology.

Bliss© was developed in collaboration with doctors, specialists and nurses who use it every day in their practices to reduce patient pain and anxiety. Many such collaborations are ongoing and seek to further evaluate Bliss© when used in connection with medical procedures.

Bliss© is currently used and is being evaluated with respect to its efficacy in reducing pain and anxiety in patients undergoing painful procedures, examples of which include biopsies, dialysis, gynecology and obstetrics procedures, and other surgical procedures, …

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How it works

Bliss© Digital Therapeutics uses a VR headset and an audio headset specifically optimized to provide relief to patients by reducing pain and anxiety during medical procedures. Set up is quick and easy, with immediate reduction of patient pain and anxiety.

Bliss© includes innovative solutions developed by L’Effet Papillon over many years, leveraging the potential for virtual reality, sound, and music to alleviate patient pain.

Bliss© experiences can be tailored to the length of the applicable procedure, with sessions lasting from a few minutes to more than one hour. Because Bliss© relies on sounds and images, it can be used by all patients without regard to their age, language skills, or learning abilities.

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Our team is constantly improving Bliss©, always with the goal of helping patients to manage their pain and anxiety in healthcare settings.
Bliss© is a Digital Therapeutics that can be used in conjunction with or as a substitute for pharmacological products.

Our Digital Therapeutics solutions are evaluated against the same comprehensive research standards as pharmacological products. We design our programs of phase II, III, and IV trials in consultation with our academic partners to unequivocally demonstrate the efficacy of our solutions, with the ultimate goal of advancing knowledge of pain and anxiety management, and improving care with solutions that work.

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